Grateful for Life

The Best I have ever felt!!!!

Hello everyone,  I am so grateful to be able to have the ability to think, write, see, understand  and be able to function normally.  In Sept. 20o4, I suffered a brain aneurysm (major stroke). Only 2% of people who suffer this survive or even live and only half come out as great as I did.  I really feel I had a great team to help me, most of all GOD and the angels and I have also taken some great natural products and eat healthy.   I am not telling you this so you will feel sorry for me, I am sharing so you may avoid the same or worse.  I allowed a tremendous amount of stress in my life beginning in my early twenties, so we must rid ourselves from as much stress as possible.  Everyone handles stress in different ways, me I handled it by holding in a…

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